Gorgeous websites

should NOT be that hard

Build a website that finally sounds like the real YOU, actually makes you money, and let’s you keep all of your hair in just ONE WEEK

I believe that creating a beautiful website that turns viewers into CASH should be FUN

Your website is your opportunity to show up online the way you really want to be seen and make a really freaking great first impression on your ideal client so they’re intrigued and excited to learn more.

But web design just isn’t your thang…

And spending eleventy billion hours screwing around with a website layout trying to make it look juuuuust right is so not the best use of your time.


You’re confused by all the lingo…ummm hello? Opt-in pages? Thank you pages? An actual sales page that shows the BENEFITS and VALUE of working with you? How the heck do you do those?


And then the WORDS. Uggghhhh. You never know what you’re supposed to actually SAY on each page because they’re always just filled with “Lorem ipsum” bologna that makes you want to kick a puppy.

STOP TRYING TO BE A DESIGNER. I have a better way.

Hey, l’m Brooke and l’m really freaking good at this stuff… NOW.

But I didn’t shoot outta’ my momma’s hoo-ha as the WordPress wizard I am today. It took me a helluva long time, a whole lot of trial, and oh-so-many errors to learn the things I’ve learned.

I tried to do ALL. THE. THINGS. you’ve been trying to do for your website (and probably about 8,000 more) to the point that I was ready to take my laptop out back and throw an Office-Space-fax-machine level hissy-fit.

You know the things I’m talking about, right?

  • Studying all the “decent” looking free websites you can find
  • Deciding to pick the “easiest” thing just so you can “get something up” and have somewhere to send people
  • STILL not being able to get it right because WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU EVEN SUPPOSED TO DO WITH ALL OF THOSE PAGES?!?!
  • Spending eleventy billion hours dicking around with every single setting (and you still aren’t really quite sure if they’re even doing anything…?)
  • Creating a voodoo doll of Mr. Website and stabbing him in the eye with a fork.
  • Then fiiiiiiinally getting something you’re at least remotely proud of, logging out for bed at 2am, then coming back the next day to realize you must have been delirious because it still looks like a hot bag of crap.

And I have a degree in graphic + web design, y’all! No one is immune… 

But then I remembered something really important…

There is always a better way

I had myself a “lightbulb moment” as I like to call themand I realized that 99.9999999% of the website advice on the internet is NOT built for online businesses!

It wasn’t until I gave a big ol’ middle fingerto the “normal” way of doing things that I was able to create the website I had been dreaming about for so long.

And you guys… my website has created so many amazing results and opportunities for my biz:

  • Multiple media feature requests including an article about Bob Dylan! Whaaat?!?!
  • So. many. new. clients. My current record is 52 minutes from completely cold viewer to a $550 paying client directly from my site (and 2 hours from a Facebook ad to a $4k client – but that’s a story for another day)
  • Straight up impact, y’all. This one is HUGE for me. I love, love, LOVE the almost daily emails I get from my audience about how my voice and real-ness resonates with them and inspires them to do the same. That kinda shit lights me the heck up

And the coolest part… ALL of these things came from a “cold” website audience! Meaning they had never heard of me or spoken to me at all before this. The ONLY exposure they had with me was through my website.

Imagine getting feedback like this from your website


 This is the “thing” you’ve been missing. I promise.

I know the puppy-kicking-levels of frustration you feel around your website. I’ve been there (no puppies were actually kicked, but you get it).
I’ve felt the overwhelm of choosing the theme, then learning the theme, then Googling how to work the theme, then emailing the support team with no response, then finally… the gut-wrenching acceptance of mediocrity.
I’ve spent a week straight in “website hibernation” trying to just get SOMETHING decent out there… and still come out on the other side with nothing to show but greasy hair and Cheeto stains.
I’ve written and re-written pages, I’ve researched what my competitors say on their sites, I’ve asked everyone I know for help and feedback… only to come out with words that don’t sound anything like ME (and make me super boring)

And I designed this course to be the exact OPPOSITE of all of these things.


The website course built specifically for online entrepreneurs so you can get your site up and running FAST, make it look feel and sound exactly like the real YOU, and actually use it as a resource to make MONEY in your business. 


This is not just another WordPress theme…

It’s a 6 module course that includes literally EV.ER.Y.THING. you need to:

Write engaging copy for every single page (even if you suck at writing)(even if your industry is weird)(even if you have different excuse for why you can’t) because THERE IS NOT ONE SINGLE WORD OF LOREM IPSUM FILLER TEXT IN THERE I walk you through how to create powerful + persuasive copy that CONVERTS and sounds like YOU.


Look stunningly gorgeous and completely custom to your brand and message – because duh, that’s kinda my thing. I want you to be YOU, not another cookie-cutter copy of every other yahoo in your industry. These sites are designed to let your ideal clients get to know the REAL YOU, build trust like a mother, and convert more viewers into SALES.


Get it up and running at lightning speed with step-by-step videos that take the terror out of tech. Pinky promise. I walk you through how to set up, customize, write, and design EVERY SINGLE PIECE of the entire site – from the home page to the privacy policy. You’ll get it ALL.

Step 1

Planning your site so it converts viewers into dollars

THIS is the number one step most people skip when creating their sites… but it’s SO important. We’re going to:

  • Pre-plan your site to guarantee it’s SUPER EASY for viewers to say YES
  • Make sure viewers “get it” and always know what to do/where to go next
  • Gather your materials – logos, images, fonts, etc. – so your site looks and feels cohesive and high-end
THIS is the number one step most people skip when creating their sites… but it’s SO important. We’re going to:

  • Pre-plan your site to guarantee it’s SUPER EASY for viewers to say YES
  • Make sure viewers “get it” and always know what to do/where to go next
  • Gather your materials – logos, images, fonts, etc. – so your site looks and feels cohesive and high-end
Step 2

Set up your tech with zero stress or overwhelm

I KNOW how overwhelming WordPress can be (especially for newbies), so we’re going to walk through:

  • Choosing and setting up your hosting account for ease + security
  • Installing WordPress, Divi, and the Brand Boldly theme so it looks exactly like the demo content
  • Connecting your domain name to your new site
Step 3

Customize your design to your brand and personality

The design process is my FAVORITEEEEE thing to do and teach. We’re going to walk through:

  • Customizing ev.er.y.thing. – colors, fonts, layouts, pages, #allthethings
  • Adding your unique brand elements into the site
  • Basic design principles to make sure people actually READ the words on the page
Step 4

Write super engaging content that flows for every page

This is the CORE of the course, y’all. I don’t care how pretty your site is if it doesn’t actually SAY anything valuable. We’re going to learn to:

  • Write engaging, persuasive copy that inspires ACTION from viewers – YES, EVEN IF YOU SUCK AT WRITING
  • Add in YOUR personality so you don’t sound and feel exactly like everyone else in your industry
Step 5

Integrate all.the.things to book calls + make sales

Most people stop at the design + copy. Not us. We want to use our site as a tool to book new clients for us. We’ll cover how to:

  • Strategically use calls to action to get more sales, email signups, or whatever your end goal is with your site
  • Integrate your other software platforms seamlessly – think email marketing, online calendars, payment links, etc.
Step 6

Launch it outta’ the nest get ideal clients onto the site

Who cares how amazing your website is IF NO ONE EVER SEES IT?! We need eyeballs to make sales. We’ll cover:

  • Basic content marketing strategies to get more of the RIGHT eyeballs onto your site
  • Utilizing social media to direct people to and from the site
  • Using your site as a resource to build trust and credibilty

Start building your dream website NOW

get immediate access to the full course + theme now

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One payment of $697 $497

Pay Weekly
Eight Six payments of $97

Don’t take my word for it…

“Before this, I had a nice looking website but it wasn’t giving potential clients the information they needed. I now have such a strong foundation in place, my messaging is much clearer, I’ve DOUBLED the size of my email list and 10x’d my website traffic!

– Heather Gorham

“Before Brooke, my website was complete crap and I was embarrassed to send people to it because it lacked personality and info. But now I have the confidence to put my face everywhere. To anyone considering it – to quote Nike ‘Just Do It!’”

– Tami Rouse

“I wasted so much time trying to choose fonts and colors and figure out what to say. Now making these decisions and writing the copy is the easiest thing in the world. I wrote my home page and about page copy in no time with the copy prompts and it finally looks and sounds like ME!

– Chrystal Lofton
What are you going to “get”?
The Brand Boldly Child Theme for Divi – my gorgeous theme designed specifically for online entrepreneurs to give you everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Access to the Divi drag-and-drop builder totally FREE (a $249 value)


Two, 60 minute high-level training on how to use your site to convert cold viewers into paying clients FAST and build your “know, like, trust” factor like CRAZY.

45+ short video tutorials (we’re talkin’ ~5 minutes each) for easy + fast implementation so you can get your site up and running as soon as possible
Lifetime access to my membership site + ever-growing knowledgebase featuring bonus tutorials, resource guides, + more
Plus these juicy bonuses

Turn Random Strangers into Raving Superfans Training

Valued at $297

Want a kick-ass freebie (aka lead magnet or opt-in or bribe) that can turn complete strangers on the internet into mega superfans on auto-pilot? Um, yes.

This training walks you through EXACTLY how I’ve gotten gushy love notes (and high-level SALES) from ideal clients, podcast requests, magazine interviews, and best friend proposals from a completely cold audience in as little as TWO hours!

These 5 video trainings will teach you to:

  • create POWERFUL emotional connections with complete strangers online
  • build MASSIVE trust with perfect-fit ideal clients on a DAILY basis
  • have ideal clients literally falling in love in a matter of hours
  • automate this process 100% (I “set it and forget it” over a year ago and it still works like a freakin’ charm)

Sexy & Stunning Visuals Training

Valued at $297

I live and breathe in graphic design, y’all. Really. My hubby gets so annoyed when I critique everything from restaurant menus to movie posters, but I can’t switch my brain outta’ design mode. It’s a gift and a curse, I guess.

  • I’ll walk you through the fundamentals of design so you can make sure your entire brand presence is not only pretty, but makes people DO the things you want them to do! Design is all about form AND function.
  • I’ll cover creating logos, saving files for web, choosing fonts and colors, and creating consistency throughout your entire brand experience.
  • I also share how to translate your design from your site into your social media graphics + print materials to create a high-end feel start to finish.

Start building your dream website NOW

get immediate access to the full course + theme now

Pay in Full
One payment of $697 $497

Pay Weekly
Eight Six payments of $97

Want even more proof?

All of these gorgeous websites were built 100% by my clients using the Brand Boldly for Websites course + theme

Get some A’s to your Q’s

I have a bad case of tech terror. Will I be able to do this...?

I pinky promise, yes. I made this FOR you. My goal in creating this entire program was to eliminate any and all feelings of tech terror around your website.

This is NOT another theme you download and are completely on your own to figure it out. There are a TON of short and sweet tutorial videos to show you how to change and edit every single thing you could ever want to do on your site – and the library is always growing, too!

How hard will it be to change the colors and fonts and stuff?

Not hard at all! Pinky promise.

  1. Divi makes everything SUPER easy to find
  2. The Brand Boldly Theme uses bright colors to help you easily find the places you need to change
  3. There are short little video tutorials to walk you through ALL of the customizations

I’m really terrible at writing copy. Will this be good for me?

Challenge accepted. You WILL NOT be terrible at writing copy for your site after this course. I give you all the tools you need to write copy in YOUR voice so it sounds unique to you – it’s kinda’ my thing.

And remember… there is NO filler text in the course! Not one single instance of the “lorem ipsum” crap that paralyzes your creativity – every section of the site has a PROMPT to help you decide what to say AND the video tutorials for each page go even deeper into writing compelling copy for your audience.

My industry is really weird... will the copy prompts still be relevant?

Of course! As long as (1) you’re a service-based business and (2) your end goal is to use your website strategically to get clients FOR you (not just have a boring list of services) then this will be PERFECT regardless of your specific industry or niche.

The copy prompts are designed to help you get into your website viewers’ head and tell them what they need to hear so they can make a decision to move forward in working with you. Easy peasy.

Do I have to use WordPress + Divi?

Yep. This course was designed specifically for WordPress because it’s the most flexible program out there. I’m all about doing things RIGHT the first time, so I love that WordPress will grow with me and my clients no matter what we decide to use it for in our businesses.

And as for Divi… dang. It’s SUPER easy to build everything in real time on the front-end – which means looking at NO code. Just drag things, move things, type things, do ALL the things you want really quickly and easily.

I promise. I will make it super freaking easy for you to become a MASTER of your site in no time.

Is it hard to make it look good on mobile?

Nope. In fact, Divi does most of the work FOR you. In the tutorial videos, I just walk you through how to double check it and make sure everything translates correctly. But 99% of the time, it’s perfect on it’s own!

Where should I host my site?

Wherever the heck you want! I HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend using Flywheel (I talk about it A LOT in the course and use it in all of the setup demos) because it makes it REALLY easy for those of us that don’t want to dig through a bunch of weird, unnecessary settings. It also has the best support ever, super-duper security, easy-to-use backups, and pretty much anything else you could ever want in a host.

Otherwise, just use any hosting company you want as long as it works with WordPress. We’ll go over additional settings and things you’ll need for this option inside the course, too.

How does it work with my existing site + domain?

There are more detailed tutorials in Week 1 of the course on exactly HOW to do this, but I recommend creating a new WordPress site so you can keep your existing site up and running until you’re ready to launch. Then when you’re done, you just update your settings in your domain provider’s site (I like to use GoDaddy) and you’re good to go!

Does it do SEO and other things I need?

Yes! Another reason why I love WordPress! You can get plugins to do pretty much anything you need including SEO. In Week 5, we talk about some different integrations and plugins you might want depending on your goals.

lt’s time to trust yourself…

If you feel like this is the thing that will help you get to the next phase in your business, then trust that. I KNOW this program is gold. I FULLY BELIEVE it can help you create the website of your dreams. But YOU have to believe it, too.

Trust the process. Trust yourself. And jump when you’re ready.

Start building your dream website NOW

get immediate access to the full course + theme now

Pay in Full
One payment of $697 $497

Pay Weekly
Eight Six payments of $97

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