My Fav Tools

I’m an automation nerd. I looove systems and processes. Because EFFICIENCY. These are the tools I use that save me a ton of time (and time = money, baby). ?

? Tools I use to run my biz ?

I’m an automation nerd. I looove systems and processes. Because EFFICIENCY. These are the tools I use that save me a ton of time (and time = money, baby). ?

Some of the links below are affiliate links. That means that if you decide you want to use the service, I’ll earn a commission from the company. Don’t worry, this won’t cost you anything extra – it’s just their way of thanking me for telling the world how much I love their services. And because I take that super seriously, I will NEVER recommend anything that I haven’t personally used and LOVED. I don’t want to be associated with any company that isn’t freakin’ amazing, so I’m promising you that I actually use every single thing on this page and it has exceeded my expectations (or it wouldn’t be here).

These  are  my  absolute  favorite  tools


Online courses and membership sites

AccessAlly makes it super easy to set up your online course right on your WordPress website. It doesn’t take a percentage of your profits like some other course platforms, and their tutorials/customer support are outta’ this world. They’ll even help set you up with a certified expert to get your course up and running if you need it!
?? Sign up for AccessAlly here

Email marketing, automation, and CRM

I’ve tried a LOT of different email marketing platforms and ActiveCampaign has been the easiest to learn, has the best automation features for what I actually need, and integrates perfectly with all of the other tools I use.
?? Sign up for ActiveCampaign here

Online scheduling, email reminders, and payments

Acuity is the best and easiest software I’ve found for scheduling online appointments. Giving your clients this option will save you a ton of time, and the reminders are super easy to customize for your brand and personality.
?? Sign up for Acuity here

Project management and team collaboration

You’ve probably figured out by now that I LOVE Asana. I have used it for years and it keeps getting better and better. and better.
?? Sign up for Asana here


Gorgeous graphic design

I’ll never give up my Adobe products, y’all. I use Photoshop for graphics, InDesign for page layouts, and Illustrator for logos. But for those who don’t want the hassle and cost of learning the real-deal tools, Canva is the easiest way I’ve found for non-designers to make awesome-ly gorgeous graphics for social media (or whatever else you want).
?? Sign up for Adobe CC here
?? Sign up for Canva here

Contracts, forms, CRM, automated workflows, basic accounting, and invoicing

I seriously love Dubsado. It does so many amazing things. It’s user friendly. They have amazing customer service. AND you can set up automated “workflows” that do most of the work for you so you always look professional and prepared.
?? Sign up for Dubsado here
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Wordpress hosting and management

I have switched my hosing company more than a few times (it was 9 times). And I finally found the best one everrrr. Flywheel makes it so easy to host a website without all the technical jargon and gross back-end junk clogging up your interface. And their customer service is pretty freakin’ great, too
?? Sign up for Flywheel here
*P.S. If I’m hosting your site for you, it’ll be on Flywheel!

Domain names

I’ve found that GoDaddy is the best one to work with for domains. Easy peasy.
?? Sign up for GoDaddy here
*P.S. If I’m hosting your site for you, this will be included in your package!

Email at your domain, storage, calendar, eerrryyythang

I am in love with Google accounts. You get your email address at your brand domain, but you also get so much more! It’s super reliable and easy to use, too.
?? Sign up for GSuite here
*P.S. If I’m hosting your site for you, this will be included in your package!

High-converting opt-in and landing pages

They give you templates that seriously convert, you can see all the numbers and analytics you want to see how they’re performing (you don’t get that if you host it on your site), and it’s easy to use and design with (and I have designer OCD, so you know that’s true).
?? Sign up for LeadPages here

Automation and app integration

If any of your tools don’t integrate with each other to automate your processes, Zapier probably has a way to make it happen. And really, it’s just an amazing company all around. You’ll want to do business with them.
?? Sign up for Zapier here

Online meetings and video conferencing

If you’re going to be doing business online, then you’re gonna’ need a good video chat platform. And Zoom is THE BEST. I even used the free version for the first 2 years of business and it still did everything I needed.
?? Sign up for Zoom here

But  wait…  there’s  more!

I’ve always wanted to say that ?


But really though. There are a lot more little things I use and intricate little ways I link them all together to help me make the most of my time and feel like a super efficient badass.


If you’re lookin’ to hear alllll the goods about automation and efficiency, then check out the “Automate your biz and save your sanity” mini-course. It’ll walk you through everything I’ve used (free and paid) since I’ve started my business, tell you why I chose the ones I did, and give in-depth tutorials on exactly how I use each of the platforms.

And of course… the BEST tool is understanding yourself
before you worry about this other shizz