Where are you feeling stuck?

Where are you feeling stuck?

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Stand out BOLDLY online – just by being YOU

Ever feel like you have to do exactly what everyone else is doing to be successful in your business? Even if it feels gross to you?

Or maybe you’ve tried everything you can think of to make yourself stand out, but your brand is still missing that special something and it just doesn’t feel like *you*?

What if I could show you exactly how to create a STRONG brand that attracts your ideal clients like a magnet AND brings in the *consistent* clients you’ve been dreaming about for so long?

In this mini-course, you’ll get 5 videos + accompanying workbooks where I shared EXACTLY how to:

  • design your business around YOUR life, YOUR desired level of freedom, the kind of money YOU want to make, and develop A PLAN TO ACTUALLY ACHIEVE IT
  • attract the RIGHT kinds of clients that love you for YOU and are ready to open their wallets on the spot
  • infuse your PERSONALITY into your brand so you can woo the pants off of those ideal clients JUST BY BEING YOU – no feeling fake or boot-licking required
  • talk about your thang so they just “get it” and it’s super easy for those ideal clients to say YES on the spot
  • keep your head in the game so you feel CONFIDENT about what to do first, second, third, and forever and ever amen

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or get all 6 and save 30%

Choose the perfect name for your biz

“Should I use my name or create a separate business name?” I get asked this question all.the.time. so I made a training JUST to talk about the different types of business names (+ pros and cons for each), using your name vs. a biz name, how to actually make the freaking decision once and for all.

In this mini-training + workbook will give you everything you need to:

  • know which types of names will be good for your type of business (and which ones suck)
  • all the different types of names available because knowledge is power, y’all – it’ll be brainstorm city
  • get all your best ideas out of your head and onto paper so you can refine and finally make a dang decision
  • test the validate + test your new biz name to make sure it works for allllll the parts of your biz
  • I’ll even share a story about my own brand name debacle and what I learned from it! (hint: it has to do with PORN )

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or get all 6 and save 30%

Rock your discovery calls for less stress and more HELL YES

Sales calls can be totally overwhelming for newbies, and even introverts like me.
I would stress for hours before a call trying to prepare and remember everything I needed to say. It suuuuucked.

Finally, I came up with a process that works for me.
I don’t feel like a slime-ball used car salesman, and I’m completely prepared so there’s no reason to stress anymore! Woohoo!

In this mini-course, you’ll get 5 modules to walk you through:

  • My process, outlined step-by-step, for when to say what and when to shut up and listen
  • The exact call outline I use for my calls
  • The exact email scripts I use to send before and after the calls
  • Fill-out-able templates for notes, a call log, and FAQs to keep you organized
  • Tips for how to have a good call

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or get all 6 and save 30%

Automate your biz & save your sanity

This mini-course shows you exactly how I use tools, automation, and systems, how they all work together, and help YOU make decisions on what you need NOW versus what you can wait to implement later and save yourself so much effing time.

And don’t you think for one hot second that this is just a list of the tools I use (I’ll give ya that for free, yo) – this is a whole bunch of detailed walk-throughs of exactly how I set up and use each of my systems to run my biz SUPER efficiently.

We’ll be diving into how I manage:

  • all things social media – from content planning to efficient engagement
  • setting up my website to get automated leads and track analytics
  • managing client communications with email marketing, CRM systems, video chatting, and online scheduling
  • and the other miscellaneous tools and resources I use to run my biz every day

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or get all 6 and save 30%

Groups that ’gage with you (engage that is)

I am absolutely in LOVE with my Facebook group. If you’re looking for a place where you can have all the freedom you want to show up feeling FULLY ALIGNED and BUILD MASSIVE TRUST with your audience, then I highly recommend starting your own group!

My group has helped me grow my biz exponentially and BONUS – it doesn’t even feel like work because I get to show up and just be ME (and drink beer on #ThirstyThursday).

This four part mini-course will teach you how to:

  • build your group with purpose so it feels aligned and exciting (not just another marketing chore on your to-do list)
  • set up all the tech-y things you need beforehand so get it set up the right way the first time
  • define your ideal group member and start growing that puppy like crazy with your dream community
  • nurture the crap outta’ your group so you’ll always have an audience that’s primed to BUY from you

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or get all 6 and save 30%

From Random Stranger to Raving Superfan

Want a kick-ass freebie (aka lead magnet or opt-in or bribe) that can turn complete strangers on the internet into mega superfans on auto-pilot? Um, yes. Of course you do.

This training walks you through EXACTLY how I’ve gotten gushy love notes (and high-level SALES) from ideal clients, podcast requests, magazine interviews, and best friend proposals from a completely cold audience in as little as TWO hours!

These 5 video trainings will teach you to:

  • create POWERFUL emotional connections with complete strangers online
  • build MASSIVE trust with perfect-fit ideal clients on a DAILY basis
  • have ideal clients literally falling in love in a matter of hours
  • automate this process 100% (I “set it and forget it” over a year ago and it still works like a freakin’ charm)

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