When you just need a place to start

You know you’re a  total badass at what you do
You can  literally change lives and your clients effing love you
And it’s got you  hungry for more

But this whole online marketing thing…?

The trying to make yourself sound different from everyone else thing?
The talking about your thing in a powerful way thing?
The actually showing your badassery to the world thing?

Not so much…

I mean, there is SO much conflicting advice out there.
How are you supposed to know who to listen to?
Or which thing to try first?
Or even how to do the damn things in the first place?


You’ve wasted enough time and money and energy.
You’re ready for your ideal clients to understand how freaking valuable you are.


Basically, you’re sick of being the best kept secret on the internet. 


This is the part where me and my flowy cape swoop in and give you the answer.

The answer is you.

If you only focus on *what* you sell and how to talk about it, you’re always going to blend in.
YOU are the only thing that’s ever going to make your business stand out.
Anyone can sell the *what* part. Nobody can do the YOU part of the thang except you.

But how the eff do you get it outta your head and onto the internet…?

That’s the hard part, right?
How do you put your personality into words?
How do you articulate all of the things that make you, YOU?

You start with an intensive.


All you gotta’ do is show up and talk to me, baby.

Here’s the thing with the

The Focus Session is a 2 hour deep dive into the world of YOU. We’ll dig way down deep into that pretty little head of yours and find out what actually makes you different and how to put it into words that have your dream clients saying OMG I NEED TO WORK WITH *YOU*!
We’ll cover errrythang.

Big picture strategy and goals.
Personality and positioning.
Messaging and storytelling.
Dream boat clients.
Packaging and pricing.
Nitty gritty techy details.
Even automation and efficiency.


We talk through all.of.the.things. until we get the massive dose of clarity we need.

And the best part?

You walk away with an actual, step-by-step action plan.
I ain’t about the touch-y feel-y talk-y bologna unless it leads to ACTION.
I want you to get out there and do the damn thing.


And by do the damn thing I mean articulate your you-ness in a way that has you confidently making moolah by saying the right thing, to the right person, at the right time, and that finally feels *right* for YOU.


…without working eleventy billion hours…
…without doing anything that feels slimy or gross…
…without feeling pressure to look or sound a certain way…


Just show up and be YOU.

Ready for total clarity and a step-by-step action plan?

The down and dirty details
first  things first

We’ve got stuff happenin’ we ever meet...

  • Really just one thing. As soon as you book, you’ll get an intake form with some deeper Q’s about your biz and your goals. Just fill that out before we meet and you’re done. No prep. No homework. Just show up and talk to me.
  • I’ll do a preliminary audit of your online presence so I can see it from the “total stranger” perspective before we get to know each other. I’ll click through your website, social media, etc. while recording my screen and giving you my initial first impressions. You’ll get this recording after we’re done with the whole shabang, too!
the big day

The actual thing is the main session.

  • 2 hour private coaching intensive via Zoom
  • It’s like if an interview and a strategy call had a secret love-child. And then that child had an affair with an implementation brainstorming session. We’ll dive into the four biggest areas of your biz and talk about:

    • – your business goals, your story, and your big-picture vision
    • – your industry as a whole and how you want to fit in stand out
    • – your dream clients’ hearts, souls, values, and beliefs about the world
    • – your actual offers, packaging, pricing, presentation, and perceived value

end game, baby

We ain’t done yet! You’ll also get:

  • You’ll get a customized Focus Session Blueprint & Audit where I’ll personally look at your entire online presence to see how much of your voice, message, and personality is currently coming through and a step-by-step action plan to start implementing immediately. The exact deets will vary based on your biz, but these are the types of things that are usually included:

    • – a one page summary of your brand’s core message & identity
    • – your top 3 brand archetypes to infuse more personality
    • – a dream client messaging guide so you know what to say
    • – website design & copy tweaks for all of your pages
    • – program / offer notes on packaging and pricing for higher sales
    • – social media assessment and visibility strategies
    • – email marketing review of open/click rates and subject lines
    • – opportunities for systems and automations to increase efficiency
    • – a step-by-step priority list so you know where to focus first

  • 14 days of unlimited Messenger audio and text access with me for coaching and implementation after the intensive.
  • Access to the video recording from our session. (this will be like GOLD when you write your copy)

Your Investment


Let’s getcha’ on the books!