Let’s start simple with a Focus Session Intensive 

It’s a 2 hour intensive to dig reeeallllyyyy deep into your current goals, strategies, and processes to find out how your brand is currently being perceived.

I PROMISE. It will make you think about your business & your brand in ways you never have before.

We’ll get aaaalll up in your business... 

and you’ll leave the session with a helluva lot of clarity and understanding around your brand’s direction, PLUS a written action plan of next steps to take to get your ass in gear.


And you haven’t even heard the best part yet! 

If you decide you wanna’ work with me after your Focus Session, then the cost of the session will be applied to the cost of my Brand Boldly program!

And if not, no hard feelings on my end.  

Either way, you’ll leave our session with a concrete action plan on next steps to take to get you where you wanna’ go. It’s a win-win. Boom.  

You NEED this.👇🏻 Just ask them.

Need a little more convincing?

Hey, I get it... your business is your baby, right?! Check out what some of these amazing humans thought about workin’ with me. *I’m blushing*  

I loved working with Brooke! She did an amazing job of really getting into what it was that I needed and wanted and asked me the tough questions that really made me think (THANK YOU!). She was able to help me with brand clarity and direction AND building a website, which was so awesome and time saving. She is so easy to talk to and professional and I would definitely work with her again.  

Megan Naasz, Allay Accounting allaycpa.com ( 👈🏻 P.S. VIP alert! I made this one 😍)

I felt like I was talking to a super smart friend who not only cared a great deal about my success but would also shoot me straight. It was like everything I needed to do became clearer and more manageable. She gave me specific tips for my website that I never would have thought of, but are easy to implement! Absolutely would recommend. 

Amy Camenisch, Amy Lorraine Nutrition 

Brooke took a look at my branding and message and hit the nail within 2 minutes into our conversation. She gave me a clear idea of what to keep, what to let go of, and how to better organize my content for my audience so they can instantly understand what they can get when working with me. If you feel stuck how to position yourself you need to talk to Brooke. Total game changer 😀 Thank you!  

Sonja Limóne, Miracles To Go 

Amazing! Brooke’s insight was so spot on I was mind blown. As someone who has spoken with more than one “expert” in the field, Brooke has been HANDS DOWN THE BEST when it comes to actually getting to the core of what was impeding me from moving forward with my organizational goals. After my session with Brooke, my brain’s creativity center was ready to go - but THIS TIME with a CLEAR-CUT vision on what my goals were/are, and understanding WHO I should be communicating my message to that would benefit most from my service. 💖 

Kayla Shea Wilkerson, eNurseConsulting 

It was obvious after 5 minutes of the call that Brooke was an expert in her field. I learned more in one hour than I could have possibly learned in a month of webinars/tutorials. She knew exactly what I was asking even when I wasn't sure what I needed help with. If I were to sum up the call in one word it would be: WONDERFUL!  

Toni Marinucci, Diet Tips With Toni

I had my doubts about what value I could gain from just talking to a stranger about my business, but it has been the absolute best decision of my life. Brooke's ability to pinpoint exactly what I'm trying to communicate (and call me on the things I am avoiding) has been instrumental in bringing me the clarity I need to communicate with my clients. Working with Brooke has made me braver and more confident in my own abilities - she’s helped me transform my fears into strengths that actually define my brand and attract the right clients. As I move forward into a business model of providing writing coach services to others, I'm incredibly glad I have Brooke as a role model. She has a combination of friendliness, professionalism, and solid know-how that I can only hope to emulate. 

Tanya Schofield, DraftCrafting 

Let’s do this!