👋🏼 Contact 👋🏼

Here’s the deal, y’all…
I love, love, LOVE talking to you. Really, I do. But in an effort to keep myself sane, I have some pretty strong boundaries in place about how to contact me. So please read through this page before reaching out. 😘

Tell  me  whatcha  need,  yo!

I’m READY to start working together right MEOW!


If you KNOW you’re ready to start, just head on over to the program page you’re ready for (either the Focus Session or Brand Boldly) and fill out the forms there. I need a little info before we start, so it’s easier to get it outta’ the way up front. Once you submit them, you’ll automatically get a link to book your spot on my calendar and we’ll dive the heck in!

I think I’m ready for 1:1 support, but I wanna’ ask some questions to be sure...

I get it. Sometimes you just wanna’ talk to a person, ya know?

If you’re even thinking about Brand Boldly, go ahead and fill out the form. After you submit it, you’ll get a link to my calendar and we’ll hop on a video chat and answer all your questions. No pressure, no sleaze, no obligation. Pinky promise. I don’t do “sales,” because I ONLY want to work with clients who are a 100% perfect fit for the program. So let’s find out if we fit!

I just have a question about a different program or offer...

I want to make sure you feel like this is the best decision you’ve ever made in your biz. Go ahead and shoot an email to hi@gofilament.com with your questions. Or you can send me a message on FB and I’ll respond that way. I ain’t picky. Just don’t stay STUCK in indecision, k?

I want you to speak at my event or come on my podcast!


I LOVE doing that stuff. Just head over to my Media page and follow the instructions there. I promise to get back to you ASAP!

I’m your new best friend and we need to connect!

Hell yeah! I love new friends!

But my email inbox is no place for friends… it’s too formal, ya know?

If you really wanna be friends, you should def join my Facebook group! I do weekly live trainings, I feature one group member every week (you can be next!!), and I’m in there pretty much every day just chattin’ it up with all peeps. That’s THE best way for us to get to know each other.

Oh and feel free to stalk me on Instagram. It’s less biz stuff and more me being a giant weirdo. So yeah, it’s fun. And feel free to slide right on into my DMs cuz’ that’s where friends belong. 😉

Can’t wait to meet you! 💛

Somethin’ else...

Oooohhh I’m so curious to see what it could be?!

Just go ahead and send me an email at hi@gofilament.com and I’ll get back to you with 72 business hours.