For the service-based entrepreneur who’s so tired of looking and sounding exactly like everyone else on the internet.

Because y’all....

We’re all weird, crazy, humans with amazing and unique personalities AND THE WORLD WANTS TO SEE THEM.

I mean, let’s be real here. Your brand probably makes you sound kinda BORING. And that ain’t helpin’ no one.

But showin’ your stuff is hard, right?

Maybe this’ll ring some bells for you...

You’ve tried everything you know to do, but you’re still struggling to find some stinkin’ clarity around what makes you different from everyone else.

You’re totally embarrassed to send people to your website because it doesn’t reflect your true personality – like, at all.

You know what you DON’T want it to look like, but you’re stuck in that never-ending cycle of “I’ll know it when I see it,” and you never actually figure it out.

You’re busy with other things like, you know, actually making moneyyyy, and you don’t have time to worry about this stuff – you’re annoyed and overwhelmed and worried that your whole brand could take a nose dive into the crapper any minute.  

I promise I haven’t been stalking you. I’ve just been there. 

Hi! I’m Brooke.

And I’m really good at this shit.

I’m not saying that to brag, but sometimes you’ve gotta just say it... Branding is kinda’ my thang. 

I’m like a rare breed of right-brained magical creativity meets left-brained strategic badassery. Weird combination, right?

That’s why I created  

For YOU – the service-based entrepreneur who needs to find that little somethin’ somethin’ to show the world how amazing you really are.

To show your value to your ideal audience in a way that has them opening up their wallets on the spot. Cuz’ that’s the real goal here, right?

And to help you get outta’ your head, get outta’ your own way, and to create a brand you effing LOVE.

It was created for YOU. 

To meet you where you are now, but to get you where you really wanna’ be. (Assuming you wanna’ be in love with your biz. and profitable. and NOT BORING.)  

You NEED this.👇🏻 Here’s why.

Here’s what you’ll create in Brand Boldly

The program includes 12, 50 minute calls over a 4 month period. The calls center around the following 5 principles that we’ll customize for your business – that way, you get everything you need, and you won’t waste one hot second on anything you don’t need. 

Passion. Meaning. Truth. Your “give-a-shit.” Your WHY. This is the foundation that everything is built on. Meaning it’s super-effing important to get it right from the very beginning. (drama intended) Be prepared to: 

  • Get crystal freakin’ clear on your WHY and the impact you want to have on the world.  
  • Silence your inner ass-hole, boost your confidence in yourself, and push through your bullshit fears and beliefs that are keeping you stuck.  
  • Decide how you want to live your life, your desired level of freedom, what kind of money you want to make, and develop a plan to actually achieve it – like if you never want to work a Friday again. Or spend summers in Italy. Whatev.  
  • Learn to really step into your brand and OWN it so you always feel confident knowing that you’re making the right decisions without second guessing every single choice you make.  
  • Stop doing all of the things you “should” be doing and find the way that works for YOU.  


This shit is hard, and I know we’d all love someone just telling us what to do. But then it wouldn’t be YOUR brand. YOU are your brand. So be prepared to: 

  • Figure out who you actually want to work with (your ideal clients – the ones you really love) and get alllll up in their heads until you know them like the back of your hand. Warts and all.
  • Understand how to use your Brand Archetype to infuse YOUR personality into your brand so you can woo the pants off of those ideal clients.  
  • Use your unique story to stand out so you’re not saying exactly the same things as everyone else. P.S. you DO have one, I promise.
  • Perfectly craft your brand’s messaging so your potential clients immediately understand the value you provide and are red-hot excited to get started working together.  


There will be absolutely NO guessing or second guessing or trying a hundred different things until something finally sticks. Every decision and action has a purpose, a goal, and a strategy. Get ready to:

  • Create packages you love and your clients love – so you’ll feel confident and excited to get out there and promote the crap out of it.
  • Define your pricing with purpose so you always hit your financial goals and feel free to invest your cash when and where you want to. Or spend it all on custom-made tutus for your dog. Whatever feels right for you.
  • Set up your sales process so you’re primed and ready to hear a HELL YES before you even get on the call – stop wasting time on tire-kicking Timmy’s, discount Danny’s, and unqualified.... Urkel’s? 


STOP COMPETING ON PRICE and set up your biz so it’s efficient, valuable, & PROFITABLE. Get ready to:

  • Learn to have sales conversations in a way that feels good to you (aka not sleazy/slimy/gross) AND has potential clients ready to throw money at you by the end.
  • Understand how saying no to the shit you don’t really want to do will actually make you more profitable. And happier. I promise.
  • Get your biz set up on auto-pilot with efficient systems so you can focus on the things that actually make you money.  


Once the foundations are in place, you’ll wanna’ actually find your dreamy clients, right? I thought so. Get ready to:

  • Discover the best ways for you to attract a community of groupie-style fans and build rock-solid relationships with them.  
  • Create a system for consistently creating new, valuable content that feels easy and FUN.  
  • Develop and launch a valuable lead magnet to have new leads effortlessly flocking your way.  


Wanna’ hear about it from some actual humans who’ve worked with me?

I get it... your business is like your baby. My clients are also amazing biz owners that treat their businesses like their babies. It’s kinda’ like a pre-requisite for me 💛 Here’s what they thought about workin’ together. *I’m blushing*  

I had my doubts about what value I could gain from just talking to a stranger about my business, but it has been the absolute best decision of my life. Brooke's ability to pinpoint exactly what I'm trying to communicate (and call me on the things I am avoiding) has been instrumental in bringing me the clarity I need to communicate with my clients. Working with Brooke has made me braver and more confident in my own abilities - she’s helped me transform my fears into strengths that actually define my brand and attract the right clients. As I move forward into a business model of providing writing coach services to others, I'm incredibly glad I have Brooke as a role model. She has a combination of friendliness, professionalism, and solid know-how that I can only hope to emulate.  

Tanya Schofield, DraftCrafting

When I began working with Brooke, I only had a concept. I did not have a clear picture in mind of what I wanted the outcome to be. Working with Brooke helped me dig in and figure out what I wanted my brand to represent and the kinds of clients I wanted to attract. Brooke’s no-nonsense approach, process, and awesome marketing and design background helped bring my new brand to life. I have tried piecing things together in the past and ended up just wasting time and money without a cohesive strategy. Brooke helped deliver that for me and saved me so much time and effort by having a complete solution. I really appreciate her dedication and support during the process! 

Michelle Hammons, Certified High Performance Coach™  

I loved working with Brooke! She did an amazing job of really getting into what it was that I needed and wanted and asked me the tough questions that really made me think (THANK YOU!). She was able to help me with brand clarity and direction AND building a website, which was so awesome and time saving. She is so easy to talk to and professional and I would definitely work with her again.  

Megan Naasz, Allay Accounting ( 👈🏻 P.S. I made this one 😍)

Think Brand Boldly might be for you? Apply for a chat and we’ll talk through it together to help you decide.


OMG... I almost forgot to tell you about the bonuses you get in Brand Boldly! 

Honestly y’all. The bonuses alone are worth WAY more than the price of the program. I know everyone says that... but these aren’t just “priceless Facebook group” bonuses. They’re real, tangible, AMAZING things.  

The Focus Session a 2 hour intensive used to dig reeeallllyyyy deep into your current goals, strategies, and processes to find out how your brand is currently being perceived and develop a solid action plan based on your current situation. 

  • Let’s us start out strong by discovering every little detail about your biz and gain some clarity on your direction (without using any of our implementation sessions).
  • We’ll create an actionable strategy to serve as a roadmap for the duration of the program.  
  • It will make you think about your business & your brand in ways you never have before. I PROMISE. 



Systems are one of the most often overlooked part of your brand strategy. But OMG they are so effing important! Not only do you want your biz to run efficiently so you can be keep yourself sane, but you also want to have a smooth process for your clients to follow, right?! And you want it to represent your personality, right? Right.

  • I’ll help you tie all of your systems together in the most efficient way possible. I’m talking about everything from how to embed your lead forms into your site (beautifully), to setting up booking calendars, to helping set up the back-end of your CRM. If you don’t use any systems or don’t know what you need, I’ll help you decide!
  • If the system uses auto-responders, we’ll strategize “on-brand” responses so they sound like YOU instead of the boring, default responders that everyone else on the internet uses. 
  • I’ll help you incorporate your personality into every aspect of your business – from systems for client experienes to a branded sales process and everything in between.



My philosophy is if you don’t succeed, then I don’t succeed. So obviously, I WANT you to succeed. 

  • UNLIMITED written support between calls. You can email me, hit me up on Messenger, voice chat on Voxer, send me a carrier pidgeon, whatever. If you’re stuck on something, I don’t want you to wait a whole week until our next call to get it fixed. Shoot me a message and we’ll work through it. 
  • UNLIMITED feedback on whatever you’re working on. Creating a lead magnet or blog post? Writing a new sales page? Working on your website? Scheduling posts for social media? I’m always there to review it and give feedback before you hit publish. 
  • Bottom line, these 4 months are YOUR time. It’s my goal for you to have a fully functional business by the end of the program and I’m here to support you in whatever way you need to make sure that happens.  

Whew... that was a lot. Let’s recap.

You get 4 months of support to create a business that

is centered your dreams and passions and PURPOSE

looks, feels, and sounds exactly like YOU so you can connect with your ideal clients

is set up strategically to achieve your income & other goals

doesn’t compete on price, but is efficient and profitable

attracts your ideal clients like freakin’ magnet  


a bonus 2 hour intensive to create our roadmap

complete strategy for integration of your systems 


unlimited support between calls



(only 12 spots per year are offered for this program)  

Wanna’ talk about it? No pressure. No sleaze. No icky sales pitches from me. EVER. Because I only want to work with you if I can truly help you and we’re a perfect fit 💛 

Amazing! Brooke’s insight was so spot on I was mind blown. As someone who has spoken with more than one “expert” in the field, Brooke has been HANDS DOWN THE BEST when it comes to actually getting to the core of what was impeding me from moving forward with my organizational goals. After my sessions with Brooke, my brain’s creativity center was ready to go - but THIS TIME with a CLEAR-CUT vision on what my goals were/are, and understanding WHO I should be communicating my message to that would benefit most from my service. 💖  

Kayla Shea Wilkerson, eNurseConsulting 

I felt like I was talking to a super smart friend who not only cared a great deal about my success but would also shoot me straight. It was like everything I needed to do became clearer and more manageable. She gave me specific tips for my website that I never would have thought of, but are easy to implement! Absolutely would recommend.

Amy Camenisch, Amy Lorraine Nutrition

It was obvious after 5 minutes of the call that Brooke was an expert in her field. I learned more in one hour than I could have possibly learned in a month of webinars/tutorials. She knew exactly what I was asking even when I wasn't sure what I needed help with. If I were to sum up the call in one word it would be: WONDERFUL!  

Toni Marinucci, Tips With Toni

Still have some questions?

Get some A’s to ya’ Q’s 



The 12 sessions take place over a 4 month period. We’ll meet once a week for 3 weeks in a row, then have a week off for implementation (your #getshitDONE week). You can expect a mix of coaching, where I’ll push you to dig deeper and challenge you to step out of your comfort zone, and consulting sessions, where I’ll recommend targeted strategies and assign action items for you to implement.  


I’m fully accessible to my clients. I only take 4 private clients at a time so that I can give you the level of attention you deserve. In addition to our 12 regular sessions and our bonus 2 hour Focus Session, you’ll have full access to my private email account to ask anything you want between sessions. I’ll respond as fast as I possibly can, any time Monday-Friday, but ALWAYS within 48 business hours. (I have to put that for legal reasons... but it’ll be sooner than that unless something weird happens to me.) If you’re stuck, I WANT you to reach out to un-stick yourself as soon as effing possible.  


YES! Brand Boldly is PERFECT for new businesses. You can get started on the right track and save yourself so much time down the road. You just need to have a solid idea for what you want to create. If you don’t already have a business idea, then go do that first, yo. Also, regardless of what stage of business you’re in, your goals need to include providing a shit-ton of value to your clients – if your only goal is to make a bunch of money, then we won’t be a good fit.  

I’M A [insert random profession here]. IS BRAND BOLDLY GOOD FOR MY BUSINESS?

As long as your business provides a “service” to your clients, then yes. A few examples include coaches, consultants, graphic designers, artists, creative entrepreneurs, virtual assistants, online course creators, and even local service businesses like real estate agents and neighborhood dog walkers. Basically, as long as you’re not into network marketing or selling actual, physical products, then you’re good (those things require different marketing strategies and it just ain’t my thang).  


Valid. Honestly, this is the number one thing that keeps people from investing. And full disclosure, I’ve even had a couple of clients end the program early because they weren’t able to give this the focus and attention it deserves. But really... it’s up to YOU how much time you want to invest into your business. If it were me, then I would block off the 1 hour per week for our calls, plus an extra 4-8 hours per week at least to work on this stuff. Like actually block it off in my calendar for the entire 4 month program and make sure I stick to it.  


LOL. Nope. That’s all you, baby. All I can do is give you the tools to help you get where you want to be. I CAN guarantee that I will be there for you 110%, every step of the way, and I’ll be fully dedicated to you and helping you achieve your version of success.  


Hey, I get it. Deciding to get one on one support is a big commitment – especially financially. If you know you want to work with me, but you’re looking for a lower investmet, then you have a couple of choices.  

Option 1 – Start with a Focus Session. It’s a 2 hour intensive to get you on the right track and start making money NOW. Option 2 – Check out my group program, Brand Boldly LIVE. Basically, it’s a group version of the Brand Boldly principles.  


I’m gonna’ go out on a limb here and say that if you’re interested in this program, there’s probably somethin’ about your visuals that just ain’t working for you, amiright? If so, we can do one of two things – I can help you find and coordinate the BEST designer for the job, or we can talk about upgrading to my VIP package where I will design all of your materials (logos, social graphics, PDF and slide templates, etc.), build your entire website from scratch, and write all of your web copy for you. If you’re interested in that, let’s chat.  


At the risk losing you forever, I’m gonna’ let you in on a secret...  

Most branding and business coaches, experts, strategists, consultants, whatevers are all teaching the exact same concepts. You can discover your ideal clients or learn about marketing strategies from at least 150 other qualified experts. 

If you choose Brand Boldly, it’s because of ME, Brooke Lawson. No one else can teach these things the way that I teach them. Because no one else’s brain works the way mine does. And if you’ve made it this far down this long-ass page, then I’m guessing you resonate at least a little bit with the way my brain works. I am my brand. I am my differentiator. I am my unique selling proposition.  

Just like YOU are for your business. You are your brand. You are your differentiator.  

But listen... I’m not here to talk you into anything. Ever. Only YOU can decide what’s right for you. Take a minute. Think about what it would feel like to be fully supported, and to wake up every day and have a business you’re absolutely in love with because it’s designed specifically to get you where YOU want to be. If it feels right, then I’d love to help you. 


I know how scary it can be to take that leap and start something new. It always makes me feel better when I know exactly what to expect. That’s my Sage-y side comin’ out. Maybe it’s the same for you. So here’s is what would happen: 

1. You click the button below and apply for a call (actually, it’s a video chat via Zoom) 2. You’ll be re-directed to a thank you page 3. You’ll receive a confirmation email with instructions to book a call on my private calendar 4. We’ll chat and learn more about each other 5. If we decide to move forward, I’ll email you the info we need to get started (contract, payment, etc.) 6. You’ll send it back and I’ll get everything set up on my end 7. You’ll get a welcome email crammed FULL of orientation materials so you can dive in right away + info to book your bonus intensive

Still have more questions? I’m here for you. I’ll answer whatever you wanna’ know. No catch.